Every piece of Springwater furniture is available in your choice of finish!  Our palette is inspired by old-fashioned milk paints, each with its own unique personality and charm.  Actual colours may vary from the samples shown here.  Sorry, custom colors are not available.  Colour sample board is available to stocking dealers upon request.

Simple Finishes (unfinished)
Available in Classic Simple (honey tone) or Naked wood only.  This means there is no varnish (ClearCoat) applied to the surface of the wood.  Classic Simple is quite rustic in appearance.  Naked is just that:  Eastern White Pine with nothing at all applied to it.  Note: you can order Naked ClearCoat, ie. naked wood with varnish applied, which looks very attractive. Because of the lacquer, this falls under the Antique category. 

Please contact us for pricing on Simple finishes as this category is not shown on our current price list.

Antique Finishes
The Antique category includes all of our solid paint finishes, plus stains with ClearCoat.  ClearCoat is a low-lustre varnish applied as a topcoat that makes the furniture much easier to dust than Simple. Please note that some overspray may be present on Antique finishes and this is part of the rustic nature of our products. Pricing for paints, Classic Stain ClearCoat or Cherry ClearCoat stain can be found under the Antique (second) column of our price list.

Vintage Finishes
Vintage is a special finishing process that involves extra distressing to the paint, resulting in a worn/heritage look as there is distressing in various random places throughout the piece.  Two-tone Vintage finishes feature a topcoat colour distressed through to a contrasting basecoat.

When ordering two-tone Vintage finishes, please specify your desired combination by using the phrase "Colour A (topcoat) over Colour B (basecoat).  For instance:  'Vintage Berry over Black', 'Vintage Cotton over Grey' or 'Vintage Confederation over White'.

NEW Finishes!

New versions of Confederation and Pear, along with Vintage Huron Dark Stain and Vintage Cotton (note: Vintage Cotton is available in Vintage only)


Simple finishes & ClearCoat Stains

Vintage finishes

Colours (standard)

Vintage "over" finishes, ie. Vintage Confederation over Black; Vintage Black over Berry, etc.