Important Terms & Conditions

Minimum Order:
$500 minimum for all orders shipped common carrier or delivered via Springwater truck.  For orders under $500 the dealer must pick up or arrange their own shipping.

Lead Times:
4- to 7-week lead time is standard but varies based on seasonal demand.  Please confirm lead times with us before placing your order to avoid confusion.   Lead times are updated regularly in the Dealer Message Centre.  

Methods of Payment:
Cheques or Interac e-Transfers are our preferred payment methods.  You can also pay using Visa, MasterCard and PayPal (please send PayPal and Interac e-Transfer payments to  A $45.00 fee will be automatically charged on any NSF cheques.

Payment Terms:
First three (3) orders must be paid COD.  Subsequent orders may qualify for payment terms based on approved credit application.  Interest (2% per month) will be charged on all overdue balances.

General Shipping Costs:
Our truck (Central Ontario only): Typically 4%-5%, minumum $75
Common carrier: Varies depending on destination;  typically 5% - 25%
Pick up: No charge for customer pick up
Please note:  When shipping using common carrier, a rule of thumb is that one skid will accommodate anywhere from $900 to $2000 worth of product (depending upon items ordered, of course).  To optimize shipping costs, please keep this in mind when placing your order.  We will be happy to assist you in optimizing your order to maximize freight costs.

Curated Collection Program:
The Curated Collection offers a selection of some of our best selling items with express lead time (often shipped in under a week), plus incredibly cost-effective shipping--all items will fit on a single skid.  Any number of items may be ordered, but bear in mind that shipping rate is optimized when all items are included.  Colours cannot be changed or substituted for Express shipping.  Note: The Curated Collection is currently on hiatus but will return soon.  

Damage Claims:
Please inspect all merchandise upon receipt. Inform the carrier immediately if damage is noted or has occurred.  All claims should be made directly to the carrier as Springwater Woodcraft cannot be held responsible for damages incurred in transit.  Click here to read our full Shipping Memo (PDF).

Prices Adjustments:
While every attempt will be made to notify you in the event of a price increase, prices may change without notice.

Custom Sizing / Modifications:
Unfortunately we cannot offer custom sizing or modifications to our products.  While some modifications may seem easily accommodated, such requests compromise the unique characteristics of our products.

You Are Purchasing Real Wood:
Our entire line is real wood.  Wood is a natural product that will be affected by the elements:  Moist climates will make wood swell, drier climates will make it shrink, and because of this movement over the life of the product, some cracks, splits and warping can be expected.  These small imperfections should be embraced as part of the truth and beauty of real wood furniture.