Caring For Your Springwater Furniture

Here are some simple tips to ensure your Springwater Woodcraft piece provides years of enjoyment & functionality.

Regular Care

  • Dust your furniture regularly with a lint-free cloth.  Trade Secret® Furniture Polish & Cleaner works well on Colour and ClearCoat finishes.  Visit for details and a full list of their products.
  • Lemon oil, tung oil, antiquing oil and other protective finishes can be used on Simple and Naked surfaces.  For a longer lasting finish, use paste finishing wax.  Minwax® offers a variety of suitable protective coatings; visit for information.
  • Avoid using polishes that contain petroleum products.  
  • Always avoid putting furniture in direct sunlight as it may bleach (fade) the finish.  
  • Always be sure to use felt discs, placemats, coasters, etc. when putting lamps, glasses, hot objects, etc. on tabletops.
  • Water should not be left standing on furniture.  
  • Wood grains will always accept finishes differently.  This is a natural occurrence giving each piece its own character and uniqueness.
  • Maintaining consistent humidity conditions helps to reduce risks of warping, shrinking and cracking.


Cracking & Warping

Because our furniture is made from solid wood, it is natural that it may develop small cracks, splits or warps caused by shrinking and / or expanding.  Despite our use of low moisture content (10% to 12%) kiln dried Eastern White Pine, imperfections are still inevitable.  These are not defects but rather a natural behaviour of the pine as it becomes acclimatized to its environment.  Due to contrasting moisture levels in the air, wood will acclimatize differently in different regions of the country.  Small imperfections also accentuate the uniqueness of your individual piece!  If you wish touch up small imperfections yourself, try the Trade Secret® Touch-Up System for Wood (  It offers all of the tools necessary to repair scratches, gouges and restore colour.  If splits develop that are large enough to affect the aesthetic or structural integrity of the piece, please contact us and we will be happy to either arrange an exchange or issue a partial credit, depending on the problem.  


 If you have any questions about caring for your Springwater piece please contact us toll free at 

1-888-294-6297 or e-mail