Great Article for Retailers About Store Traffic & Productivity

By Mark Ryski

By any measure, empirical and anecdotal, the number of people visiting retail stores is down. There are plenty of theories about why: it’s the mass movement of shoppers to online; it’s changing consumer preferences; it’s the weather; it’s those pesky, hard-to- figure-out millennials who would rather hunt for Pokémon than bargains at the mall.
As Jim Quinn of The Burning Platform describes in his compelling and disturbing article, The Retail Death Rattle, the decline in retail traffic may be a result of more obvious and, ultimately, troubling reasons. Too many retail stores chasing too few consumers who have less money to spend. This is a bad combination.

As someone who has studied brick-and-mortar store traffic trends for more than 20 years, I believe that Jim’s apocalyptic conclusions may be directionally correct. Headlines like Gap Tumbles as Dismal Store Traffic Drags Down July Sales recently published on supports his thesis.

As retail traffic analysts, my team and I analyze store traffic from thousands of retail stores across North America monthly, and it’s not unusual to see year-over-year store traffic declines of 5%, 10% and even 20% or more. When you put this in absolute terms, it can be startling...

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Update: Finish Terminology

Recently we made a minor change to the terminology of our finish categories that you should be aware of:  

"Colour" category is now called "Antique"

Antique is still the second column on the price list.  This change has been reflected on our website and the new Finish Options brochure, but will not be changed in the catalog until the 2017 edition. We apologize for any confusion this may cause.

To review, we have three price categories:  Simple, Antique and Vintage.  Under these categories there are many different colours, finishes and combinations.  

Here are the answers to a few commonly asked questions about our finishes:

  • Simple Naked is bare pine but is the same price as the Simple Classic Stain. Classic Stain is a wood dye with no varnish or topcoat whatsoever.
  • Classic Stain with ClearCoat falls under the Antique category, it's called Classic Stain CC.
  • Antique colours are distressed on edges and corners
  • Vintage colours are distressed throughout the piece, including surface areas
  • Since Vintage is a process and not a finish unto itself, all Antique colours are available in Vintage. Additionally, any two colours can be combined in Vintage (ie. Vintage Red over Black, Vintage Confederation over White, etc)
  • Double Vintage colours are still priced as Vintage.  
  • In the case of two categories of finish on one piece (for instance, a Small Nightstand in Vintage Black with Classic Stain CC top), pricing falls into the uppermost category.  

If you have any questions about our finishes don't hesitate to call us!  1-888-294-6297 or email  LIve web chat coming soon too!