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Authentic Canadian-Made Rustic Pine Furniture

Our unique, functional home furnishings & accent pieces are handcrafted in Canada using simple techniques and real wood. If you're looking for those 'extra somethings' that will add rustic charm, character and function to any living space then look no further!  Our early Canadian-inspired furniture & accents are sure to please. With 100+ unique items from mirrors to hutches to entertainment units, there's something here for just about everyone.

Ingredients: PINE


Our entire line is real wood. "But there must be some MDF somewhere!" you might say?  Nope! Particle board hidden on a bottom somewhere?  Negative! This is honest to goodness real wood! And as such, our pieces can be affected by their environments  - humid air can make wood expand, dry air can make it contract. Because of this movement over the life of your piece, some cracks, splits and warping can be expected. These small imperfections should be embraced as part of the truth and beauty of real wood furniture.


Antique-Inspired Finishes


Talk about customization:  Your Springwater furniture piece is available in the finish of your choice.  Our colour palette is inspired by old-fashioned milk paints, each with its own unique personality and charm. Paint finishes feature 'rubbed' edges for an antique look.  On Vintage finishes, all surfaces, corners and edges of the item are distressed, giving a truly aged appearance.  Where possible, care is taken to distress spots that would naturally see extra wear -- around knobs and pulls, for instance -- to give an authentic 100-year old look!  Finish categories include Simple, Paints & Stains, and Vintage.  Visit our Finishes page


Environmentally Conscious

Like our pioneer predecessors (who practiced conservation, not by choice but by necessity) we believe in being ecologically friendly and conserving resources.  Just a few of our many environmentally conscious efforts include using wood from sustainably-managed forests, reducing waste by using minimal amounts of packaging, burning scrap wood to heat our workshop and using only environmentally friendly water based finishes.